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Who we are
Our Purpose
Driving the Nigerian economy forward through industrialization, technology transfer and job creation.
Our Vision
Becoming Africa’s biggest manufacturer of made-in-Nigeria products. .
Our Mission
Pioneering the local production of foreign imported industrial goods cost effectively.


We are an indigenous privately owned Nigerian group of companies committed to driving the Nigerian economy forward through industrialization. Through the leadership of our visionary founder, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma [OFR] our reputation as one of the leading proponents of made-in-Nigeria brands started from a humble beginning 38 years ago!

What merely began as motorcycle spare parts retailing/trading has over the years grown into one of Nigeria’s biggest industrial success story. Dissatisfied with the ever increasing cost of imported foreign-used [tokunbo] motorcycles as well as the brand new ones, our founder took a major leap of faith that permanently altered the history and course of the Innoson Group.

The Innoson group is still marching forward ever stronger!

He switched from a trader to become a manufacturer of brand new motorcycles in Nigeria through Innoson Nigeria Limited crashing the market price from N150,000 to N70,000. The Innoson brand of motorcycles maintained the same quality as the foreign imported new ones, but sold for less, even cheaper than the foreign-used. This audacious move of his till today is responsible for the eradication of foreign-used [tokunbo] motorcycles in Nigeria!

Backed by this unprecedented success in the history of Nigeria, the Innoson group launched further into industrial manufacturing through technology transfer. 38 Years after our founder started this remarkable journey, today, with over 7400 Nigerian workers, the Innoson group is still marching forward ever stronger!


  • 1978Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

    In 1978, our founder Dr. Innocent Chukwuma [OFR] discovered his natural talent as an entrepreneur in his elder brother’s medicine store (Chemist) after his Secondary School Education.
  • 1978Apprenticeship with a spare-parts dealer

    In 1978, he became an apprentice with Chief Romanus Eze Onwuka, (Rojenny), then the biggest dealer on motorcycle spare-parts in the Nnewi Market.
  • 1979Started Motorcycle spare-parts trade

    In 1979, after 6 months of apprenticeship with Rojenny, he returned to his elder brother, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma who promptly registered Gabros International Limited to trade on motorcycle spare-parts. He was given the sum of N3,000 to start, and allowed the freedom to run the business.
  • 1981Started Motorcycle spare-parts trade Independently

    In 1981, our founder launched out independently backed with the startup capital of N20,000 from his elder brother to start his own motorcycle spare-parts business.
  • 1982Incorporation of Innoson Nigeria Limited

    In 1982, Innoson Nigeria Limited was incorporated to merely sell Tyres and Motorcycle spare-parts at Nkwo Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.
  • 1984Trip to Asia

    In 1984, our founder ventured out to Asia in search of foreign suppliers when unfavorable economic policies from the Nigerian military hindered local suppliers from meeting the growing market demands.
  • 1987Introduction of Jincheng Motorcylces

    In 1987, to beat the price of Japanese motorcycles, Innoson Nigeria Limited brought in the first Jingcheng brand of motorcycles from China. Jingcheng is the direct equivalent of Suzuki from Japan and Jiachi, Chinese equivalent of Yamaha from Japan.
  • 1995Automated Motorcyle Assembly Plant was commissioned

    In 1995, a fully automated motorcycle assembly plant was established at Nnewi, Anambra State, becoming the first fully indigenous motorcycle maker in Nigeria.
  • 2002Innoson Plastic Manufacturing Plant & Innoson Technical Ltd launched

    In 2002, we launched Innoson Technical and Industrial Limited, the biggest Plastic manufacturing plant in Nigeria with over 150 product lines.
  • 2002Price of brand new motorcycle crashed and used motorcycles driven out as a result

    In 2002, the Innoson group brought down the price of a brand new motorcycle from N150,000 to N60,000, and drove out tokunbo (foreign-used) motorcycles from Nigeria.
  • 2009First made-in-Nigeria vehicle emerged

    In February 2009, the first made-in-Nigeria vehicle emerged! Under another subsidiary, nnoson Vehicle manufacturing Company Ltd. (IVM) the dream became a reality at Nnewi.

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